Terms of service

Terms of use

Before registration, please read these rules concerning the terms and conditions of use for the services provided by the web site www.inboxdating.com carefully.

If on registration you checked the box “I read and I agree to the terms of use!” this means that you are aware of and agree to these provisions and you oblige yourself to fully respect them.

If you read and do not agree to the terms and conditions of use of the web site, please do not register.

The site administrator reserves the right to change any of the terms of use in the present agreement, as well as the right to operate any content change within the web site without the user’s approval and without any notification, we recommend that you read this set of rules from time to time in order to see any ulterior modification.

Using the services provided by this web site means at all times, the acceptance of all the terms and conditions of use and of any changes made to these terms or changes in the content of the web site.

The content of the web site www.inboxdating.com can not be reproduced, changed, copied or registered under a different form which can bring prejudice and which violates copyright, with no exception.


Registration on this web site is a simple process and is involving filling the registration form with all the details required for your account to be active. Please follow carefully step by step the registration process until your account is valis and confirmed.

On registration, you will fill out all the personal identification data, these data need to be real, accurate and complete. In case it is proven that you supplied false, inaccurate, incomplete data or data which can create confusion, can be misleading or can bring prejudice to other users or third parties, we reserve the right to temporary or permanently suspend your account.

All the identification data supplied through the web site such as name, e-mail address, phone number as well as private messages are confidential and can not be revealed to anyone, except the cases foreseen by the law and based on warrants.

The main authentication and identification data are:  


The nickname or username the user uses to identify him/herself on the web site

The password associated to the account

The e-mail address associated to the account

The nickname or user name has to be unique (it has to differ from the other user names within the web site), it should not contain obscene expressions or words, create confusion, contain e-mail addresses or telephone numbers. Any deviation or violation of these provisions attracts the suspension or deletion of the account.

The registration on the web site is unique, a single user name, e-mail address and a single IP is associated to each account.

No multiple accounts for the same person, e-mail or IP address are accepted, any attempt to violate these provisions attracts the automatic suspension of all the accounts associated to the person in question.

The password for the personal account as well as all the activation passwords are confidential, the access to the web site can not be transmitted to a third party in any condition or situation.

The e-mail address is used for account activation/confirmation messages as well as for alert/notification messages, in case you opted for this; it is also used for any communication/notification/information coming from the site administrator. Also, by accepting this set of rules you agree to receive advertising messages related to the site from the inboxdating.com team.

The acceptance of the terms and conditions of use and access and the use of the web site services represents the clear agreement of the users given to the site administrator, concerning the processing of personal date, based on the terms of these rules and the conditions foreseen by the law.

The user has the right to erase his/her personal data from the account or to request in writing that these are used only in the conditions foreseen by the law.

Rights and obligations of the users

- The capacity of member implies the observance of all these terms and conditions of use;

- The users are the only ones held responsible for the identification information as well as for the content of private messages;

- The users can not introduce in their profile description, false, inaccurate, discriminatory, obscene information or information which can bring prejudice to other users or third parties;

- The users can not insert in their profile e-mail addresses, phone numbers or other identification data except the ones foreseen and stipulated in this set of rules.

- The users can not load obscene, nude photos or photos which do not belong or are not directly related to the account’s holder; photos of public persons, landscapes, etc are not accepted.  


- Users can not use this web site to sent advertising messages to other members or to promote other services or interests.


- Users are not allowed to insert on the web site materials which contain viruses or other programs which can affect the site’s functioning;   


- The users do not have the right to copy, transmit, change or adapt any part or material associated with this web site;

The content of each profile, information supplied, opinion expressed in private messages through this site is exclusively the user’s responsibility, inboxdating.com is not held responsible and does not guarantee that these information are real and we can not be held responsible for possible inconveniences caused to certain members or third parties who have used these information for other purposes than the ones that these were meant for.   


Rights and obligation of the Administrator

- The site administrator reserves the right to change, without any previous notification, any of the terms of the present set of rules as well as to operate any change in content within this web site;    


- The administrator obliges him/herself to notify any possible technical problem which can emerge and which can be anticipated in case of some service activities on the web site, in case these operations result in the non-functioning of the web site in optimal condition for more than 24 hours.

- The administrator has the exclusive right to suspend or delete any account if he/she can determine that the terms and conditions of use have been violated.   


- The administrator has no right to make changes in the member’s profiles, this can be done only by the user or based on their explicit approval.

- The administrator and the inboxdating.com team has the right to send notifications to all the members of the web site;

- The inboxdating.com team reserves the right to present, at all times and in any conditions and in any section of the web site, advertisements and this does not require or imply the users’ approval.

Final provision

The exact acknowledgement and acceptance of these terms and conditions of use concerning the web site, before registration, implies their exact observance and it is mandatory for all users.  

Any violation of the provisions stipulated in this set of rules, as well as any notification of breach which proves to be true, attracts account suspension or deletion and it forbids access on the web site with no notification in advance.