Learning how to maintain online dating privacy is important and necessary. Here, see great tips for how to maintain online dating privacy.

Online Dating

In recent years, online dating has become one of the more prevalent ways for single adults to find companionship. It's easy to get swept away by the thought of meeting someone special and living happily ever after, but you need to be realistic and cautious as you proceed. Here are a few things you can do to safeguard your privacy.

Tips for How to Maintain Online Dating Privacy

Before providing any information to an online dating site, be sure to spend some time thoroughly reviewing the site's privacy policy. You'll be able to locate this on the homepage of the website. Be sure that you understand exactly how the website will use your information and whether or not they'll be sharing or selling that information for advertising purposes.

Privacy on Online Dating Sites

Well-established dating sites will often allow you to opt out of providing certain information if you do not wish to have it distributed to other entities. A breach of your privacy in this respect could open you to a plethora of junk mail, online advertisements, and even pop-ups that could expose your computer to viruses. As you move on to setting up an account and building your profile, you need to be mindful of guarding your anonymity. Do NOT include your last name, address, workplace, phone number, or any other identifying information when corresponding online.

Maintaining Online Dating Privacy

Your best plan of attack is to create a nickname, and use this nickname as you begin to communicate with potential dating candidates. Be wary of any member who wants all of your information up front. Requesting a full name, home address, work address, or any combination of things that could be used to easily identify you, may be a sign that you're dealing with someone who wants to steal your identity or break into your home. 

Guarding your privacy until you've spent an adequate amount of time getting to know someone is crucial to staying safe and ensuring a genuine dating experience. If the fact that you're trying out an online dating site is something you'd like to keep private from family and close friends, do yourself a favor and don't mention it to them. Anyone can sign up to scan through basic listings. If your sister is anything like mine, she'll be on that dating site immediately and calling non-stop with pointers, opinions, and a list of the profiles she thinks are worth checking out.

Notes About Online Dating

It's perfectly acceptable to keep mum about your online dating activities in order to maintain privacy … that is until you've actually met someone who's worth introducing to your family. Online dating is a great way to get out there and meet new people. We've all heard the success stories, and some of us even have friends who met their spouse online. As long as you take the necessary steps to maintain your privacy, there's no reason not to give online dating a try.

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