Learn First Date Tips

Learn these first date tips so that you can enjoy getting to know someone without anxiety or awkwardness. Here are some first date tips.

Choose an Appropriate, Affordable Location for a First Date

First and foremost, keep it affordable. You're just getting to know this person, so pick a place that's moderately priced, and when the check comes consider going dutch. If you both decide that future dates are in the cards, there will be plenty of opportunities to spend a week's pay on that five-star restaurant.  

Next, choose an appropriate location. If you go to a loud club or bar you're going to have to spend most of the night yelling at each other, and if you go to the theater, you'll have to keep quiet most of the night. Think about meeting up at your favorite coffee shop or grab some deli sandwiches and head to the park for a picnic.  

Just a tip: It wouldn't hurt to have a beer with lunch, or a glass of wine with dinner, just be sure not to over do it. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so for this date, you should consider spending the time together alcohol-free. You want to get to know each other and being under the influence will only impair your judgment.

Allow for a Meaningful Conversation on a First Date

Whatever you do, be sure to allow time for a meaningful conversation. Maybe the two of you are daredevils and a sit-down dinner just isn't the right fit. If you plan an activity for your first date, like surfing or mountain biking, be sure to set aside time before the date is over to ask questions of each other and share some important facts about who you are as a person. 

Don't fondle your cell phone the whole evening. There's no bigger turn off than someone who can't put down their phone and make eye contact for an extended period of time. You should be paying attention to your date, not texting everyone on your contact list. 

Lastly, keep it light and fun. You don't want to spend the whole evening talking about yourself, so give your date the reader's digest version when he or she asks you a question. Equally important, don't ask any questions of your date that are extremely personal. Stick with the basics on a first date: Where did you grow up? Where did you go to school? What are your hobbies? If all goes well, you'll definitely get another shot to ask the probing questions. 

Whether you're new to the dating scene or a seasoned veteran, first dates are always a little worrisome. Keep your cool, plan ahead, and think positively. Who knows ... maybe you're on your way to have coffee with Mr. or Mrs. Right. 

Source : about.com