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Dating Secrets

What is the key to successful dating and what makes a good date? We probably spend the day before any date fretting how to ensure it is perfect. As you get older, those fears do not go away. People over forty expect a certain standard of date, let us be honest a quick jaunt to the local fast food burger joint just is not going to cut it. There are a few dating secrets to help those of us who worry about making the perfect and right impression:

1. Remember that just because you are dating, does not mean you are jumping straight back into a relationship. Be aware that if you have children they may find the adjustment to you dating difficult so be sure to let them know.

2. Choose somewhere classy for your first date. No one wants to be shouting their conversation over the top of some loud drum and bass in a nightclub. Choose somewhere you know well or have been to once before. It reduces awkwardness and can help with conversation if your date asks questions about it.

3. Do not mention ex partners if you can. Your current date probably does not need or want to hear about your ex-wife or husband. It is a little too awkward to say the least and not to mention too much information for a first date.

4. Be brave. Dating again can be daunting but do not let fear hold you back. If you feel more comfortable, perhaps have a friend on call close by in case it all gets too much. Make sure they are not noticeable but it can help relax you knowing someone is close enough if needed.

5. Open up. Nothing worse than being on a date and the person opposite you has not spoken in some time. Instead of allowing silences to grow, be sure to ask questions and talk openly about yourself. You do not need to divulge your entire life story from playschool to now but some interesting details would be good.

6. Listen. Listening is a very important skill that so many of us neglect. By simply listening more, you will learn so much.

7. Dress up. First dates are always nerve wrecking so make sure you have enough time before hand to prepare yourself. Take time getting ready and dress comfortably. Do not squeeze into that teeny dress if it really does not fit. You do not want to be fidgeting all night now do you?

8. Enjoy yourself. Even if you are not compatible with your date, it does not mean you have to leave. Sometimes you find new friends in such people. After all dating is meant to be enjoyable so do not hurry off if you do not see dating potential. Every date should be an experience so enjoy it.

There are no real dating secrets. It is about being comfortable in your surroundings and being relaxed enough to enjoy yourself. This person has already agreed to go out with you, so they see something in you. That is the first step crossed. Now relax and get out there. Dates are waiting to be had and new connections are waiting to be made.

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